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I Heart Jeffrey Zeldman

Today, .net magazine asked on Twitter how Jeffery Zeldman had affected our lives. I immediately responded by saying that he had shown that it “wasn’t just me” and that websites could (and more importantly should) be done properly. As a website user rather than designer or developer, I’ve often moaned (mainly to my long suffering […]

Responsive Summit

Today saw the exciting and ground breaking Responsive Summit take place in London. This get together was to discuss Responsive Web Design.  Although I didn’t attend, I followed events via Twitter #responsivesummit. Share this:

Concrete5 is too hard for me

After much deliberation about what platform to use for my blog, I decided on Concrete 5. I’ve used WordPress several times before, and whilst there was nothing wrong with it, I wanted to broaden my horizons and try something else. I tried Fork CMS and found it very corporate and not what I wanted at […]


Thanks for stopping by, and seeing what I’m up to. I’m going to try and keep this updated as often as possible, and even if it’s just a couple of lines about something at work, something  good or bad online, my family, my guitars or something I feel strongly about, I intend to blog often! […]