Auto Playing Video Adverts Suck

Auto playing video adverts annoy me beyond belief.

Perhaps in a bid to be efficient and to save time, I quite often open several links from a page in new tabs. This is particularly true for the news websites I read at work, like Yahoo. Perhaps I want to see the headlines and then read some of the football news.

What tends to happen is that at least one of the 1-4 tabs auto plays a video advert, and the trick is to find and close the tab Whilst annoying for me, if I haven’t turned down my laptop volume it annoys my colleagues as well.

Sometimes these videos don’t have a pause button, and so my only quick option is to close the tab. This means that I miss out on the news and the advertiser misses out too.

This seems to be an increasing trend and is going to lead to people abandoning certain web sites because of these videos.

The adverts that take over the page when you accidentally hover over them, or the adverts that are the background of the page, and those that have an animated car driving around are equally as frustrating as an auto playing video advert, but at least they only annoy the person looking at the screen. Video adverts affect everyone in the room.

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