Making Retail Social and Mobile

Here are my key points from the keynote speech by Richard Anson of Revoo at the Internet Retail Expo

Making Retail Social and Mobile

  • 750m pieces of Revoo content used by consumers monthly.
  • 18% uplift in sales on sites using Revoo.
  • 4.8x time on site.
  • 3.5x pages viewed per visit.
  • 1.1x return ration within a month.
  • 1.8x conversion rate
  • Distribute review content socially
  • 95% of people read reviews before some / all purchases -Fly Research Sept 2011.
  • “Brand amplification” helps to spread the word, and attract traffic to the site.
  • As well as more traffic, more long-tail search terms, and expanded keyword sets.
  • Increase in rankings and organic traffic, saving money on PPC etc.
  • Likelihood of purchase is 3x greater with reviews.
  • Up to 5% conversion rate if reviews are read.
  • An increase in reputation leads to an increase in conversions.
  • Contact customers immediately for a review.
  • Increases trust and authority.
  • “Flawsome” (UGHHHHHHH) nobody is perfect, and that’s OK, but it’s how you deal with the problems and negative feedback that matters.
  • If you wait for reviews, then up to 24% will be negative – people only contact you if they’re very happy or very unhappy.
  • If you ask for reviews, only 6% will be negative. Higher score, and more accurate.
  • Bad reviews are good for business – people look for downsides, and want to know how you respond to problems and criticisms.
  • Revoo saw a 44% increase in mobile visits to retailers from March to September 2011.
  • 55% of people read reviews on mobile devices.
  • Collect data to see how many people submit reviews by mobile devices.
  • Revoo saw double the number of mobile reviews from Q1 2011 to Q1 2012.
  • 28% of people research prices or look for reviews in store.
  • More emails are read on mobiles than on desktop PCs.
  • And unsurprisingly, optimise for mobile visitors.

I’m not convinced that much can be read into the fact that having reviews on site increases the amount of time spent on site, and the number of page views.

Reviews are definitely helpful and useful for some products and brands, and less so than others.  If you’re buying a car, or a camera, or booking a holiday, then knowing more about it from owners, or people who have experience of the purchase will be beneficial.

Personally I like reviews, and I like to find out the negatives as well as the positives.  As with any sort of reviews though, it’s essential to weed out the unhelpful reviews, whether it’s from people who have never used the product, but it’s bound to be brilliant / rubbish, or “user-error” reviews such as those who bought the wrong product or expected it do something it’s not designed for, or didn’t read the description properly.



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