The Ideal Way To Do The M-Web

Here are my key points from Paul Boag’s presentation The Ideal Way To Do The M-Web.

This was the talk I was most looking forward to and I wasn’t disappointed.

Paul started by saying that people should stop obsessing over native apps.  Apps have become the next “must have”, without stopping to think why.

  • Mobile devices have limited screen sizes and storage space.
  • Many people buy / get an app but don’t use / keep it; “use and lose”.
  • Many apps are downloaded for a 1 time purchase or action.
  • Creating apps is expensive and time consuming:
    • App for each platform / device
    • What about future devices?
  • Apps are the right choice:
    • Where there is a clearly defined task, such as Skype.
    • Where the app will be used daily or weekly.
    • Where it needs to use the native features of the device, such as the camera or location.
  • Mobile sites have traditionally had a bad reputation
    • ugly and cheap – no attention spent on them
    • Multiple URLs leading to or, and URLS don’t resolve.
    • Hard to use.
    • Limited features – users can’t do what they want to do.
    • Too many assumptions about what users want.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 making websites much better.
  • Browsers can make use of native features.
  • Use Responsive Web Design!

When Paul explained Responsive Web Design, and showed examples, and how it worked, I could see people were literally having their minds blown!

As an advocate rather than practitioner  of RWD, I was pleased to have my thoughts and opinions consolidated by Paul.

I imagine that many people will be changing their mobile strategy now.  And that is a good thing!

PS, unlike Paul himself, I will mention that he creates an extremely useful podcast that is well worth listening to, whether you’ re a web designer or developer, or someone who runs a website.

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