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Jakob Nielsen Is Wrong

World-renowned usability expert┬áJakob Nielsen, in a recent post, suggested that a separate website with lesser features and reduced content is the right way to approach mobile websites. He says that mobile sites should: cut features, to eliminate things that are not core to the mobile use case; cut content, to reduce word count and defer […]

Practice Does Make Perfect

I’ve been making the time to play my guitar more often recently, and like everyone says, practice does make perfect. Because I’m a long time Metallica fan, (and possibly a masochist too) I’ve started to learn Master Of Puppets. It’s proving very difficult and typical of Metallica, very technical. However, from not being able to […]

Another QR Code Failure

Today at work we had a visit from a man from a company which makes badge plates that go on manufactured products. Apparently QR codes are “big in Japan”, where they “link to your Facebook”. The man takes this van when he wants to show how beneficial QR codes can be. ┬áPotential clients are impressed, […]