The DRIP Bill – Are you worried?

There has been much made of the DRIP Bill (Digital Retention and Investigative Powers). This Bill is an emergency measure as the European Court of Human Justice ruled in April that the previous UK legislation on data retention went too far.

I could explain why this Bill is unjust and a gross invasion of privacy but there are many people more qualified who are putting this much more eloquently than me.  Suffice it to say I feel so strongly I’ve written this  blog post about it, with encouragement from @aral from

Much more about DRIP can be found here:

Tom Watson MP

Sarah Clarke

The Week

Charlie Brooker

MPs have had over 3 months to discuss this, and yet the fact that this bill is being rushed through so quickly with seemingly unanimous support, is a huge concern, and worrying many people.

Just  51 out of 650 elected MPs  voted against it. Updated from 49.

I emailed my MP, John Pugh, Liberal Democrats, Southport, and got a reply, which says and I quote, “It is a certainty that the legislation will be passed”, and points me to the LibDem’s response to the DRIP Bill, and why it is needed.

Indeed the Bill was passed, however Yvette Cooper, Shadow home secretary, has tabled amendments to the bill, to ensure that it did not go through unopposed.

You only need to search the news and  Twitter to see just how unpopular the Drip Bill is.

Bruce Lawson

Diane Abbott


Aral Balkan


Jonathan Wright

Gareth Baines

Hugh Platt

Although the Government wouldn’t want the DRIP Bill to take our attention away from the fact that Michael Gove has lost his job would it?!

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