My Guitars

I’ve been playing guitar for around 15 years, but due to lack of practice I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be.

I spend more time reading guitar magazines, and browsing guitar shops looking for new guitars, amps and effects, rather than playing what I’ve got.

I thoroughly intend to spend more time playing, so that I can play the stuff I want to, all the way through, rather than give up when it gets to the difficult bit.

I’ve got several guitars:

    • 1997 Squier Tele in red, which I love! It’s always in Open G, and is great for Stones stuff.  I’ve fitted it with a set of Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar pickups.


  • 2001 Fender 50’s Stratocaster in sunburst (looks like Ronnie Wood’s)  I’’m not mad on this guitar, and it’s never my go-to guitar, but I enjoy playing it when I do.
  • 2008 Squier CV Tele, which I haven’t played much, but enjoy.
  • 2010 Epiphone SG which I LOVE! This rapidly became my go to guitar, and is extremely versatile.

I’ve got a selection of amps too:

    • 2003/4? Fender Blues Jr, which I don’t play much due to it being a bit too noisy for home use with a toddler.  I’ve got an attenuator for it, which enables it to be turned up to get the great valve sound, but I’ve still not used it in a while.


    • 2007? Unknown make small valve amp head which looks and sounds amazing.  It’s got a real old vibe to it, but produces a great rock sound.


    • 2007? Harley Benton 1×12 cab for the above amp.


  • 2011 Blackstar HT1-R.  My go to amp.  I watt, and goes from clean to extreme metal in a second. Tiny, and easy to use, this is ideal for use with a toddler who wakes at the slightest noise.  Dying to use this with the 1×12 at a decent volume and see what is sounds like!

Although I’ve got various effects pedals, including the standard chorus, delay, wah and a couple of overdrive pedals, I’ve recently just got back into using the guitar and the amp alone.  I do use a Twinstomp boost pedal, which produces a great sound, and adds a bit more volume without changing the sound of the amp.

I’d love a semi (Epiphone Dot probably) as well as a Les Paul, and something pointy and metally (although I don’t want a Floyd Rose!)

I play everything from the Stones to Metallica, and wish I made more time to play, instead of finding excuses not to play.

I’ll post some pictures of my stuff when I get round to it.

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