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The DRIP Bill – Are you worried?

There has been much made of the DRIP Bill (Digital Retention and Investigative Powers). This Bill is an emergency measure as the European Court of Human Justice ruled in April that the previous UK legislation on data retention went too far. I could explain why this Bill is unjust and a gross invasion of privacy but […]

What Conferences and Events Mean to Me

Inspired by Laura Kalbag’s post explaining why she goes to conferences, what she gets out of them, and how best to share what she’s learnt, and Andy Clarke’s New Adventures And Me postI feel not only inspired, but compelled to share my thoughts. So here goes. Knowledge I do try and follow the main conferences […]

Matalan Madness

Yesterday my girlfriend, our 2 year old son, and I visited Matalan Southport. Nothing to get excited about, or write about I hear you say, and you’re right. However, aside from the long queue, and the wide range of various and disparate items placed along the queue designed to catch toddlers’ eyes and hands, and […]

Digital Projects Manager

Well it’s been a month (almost) since I started my new job. I was made redundant from my previous job as an ecommerce manager, and have now become a Digital Projects Manager, for a Blackburn online and offiline marketing company. My role includes identifying ways that companies can improve their  websites for their visitors, and […]

Car Insurance Forms

It’s that time of year when I need to renew or change my car insurance.  What normally happens is that , after getting my renewal quote letter, I get onto one of the price comparison sites (usually, see that my renewal quote is actually cheaper than the lowest price on Confused, and let my […]

Jakob Nielsen Is Wrong

World-renowned usability expert Jakob Nielsen, in a recent post, suggested that a separate website with lesser features and reduced content is the right way to approach mobile websites. He says that mobile sites should: cut features, to eliminate things that are not core to the mobile use case; cut content, to reduce word count and defer […]

Practice Does Make Perfect

I’ve been making the time to play my guitar more often recently, and like everyone says, practice does make perfect. Because I’m a long time Metallica fan, (and possibly a masochist too) I’ve started to learn Master Of Puppets. It’s proving very difficult and typical of Metallica, very technical. However, from not being able to […]

Another QR Code Failure

Today at work we had a visit from a man from a company which makes badge plates that go on manufactured products. Apparently QR codes are “big in Japan”, where they “link to your Facebook”. The man takes this van when he wants to show how beneficial QR codes can be.  Potential clients are impressed, […]

Your Current Mobile Website Thinking Is Wrong

Based on my experience at the Internet Retailing Expo yesterday, it looks as though many companies, and “internet companies” are thinking that their mobile and desktop sites should be different.  However, hopefully Paul Boag‘s talk The Ideal Way To Do The M-Web will have changed their minds. There was lots of talk about what users […]

Internet Retailing Expo 2012

I just wanted to write some of my thoughts down from  Internet Retailing Expo 2012, and  to post the key points I took away from from the sessions I attended.  I was only there on the second day, so my opinions and experiences may not be true for both days. I am particularly keen on […]