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Tim Gulson Paypal Opening Keynote Speech

Here are my key points from the keynote speech by Tim Gulson of Paypal at the Internet Retail Expo. Tim talked a lot about mobile payment and shopping unsurprisingly. In 2010 13% of people bought using mobile devices.  In 2016 this is projected to be 42%. 36% of people shopping online will actually purchase in […]

Making Retail Social and Mobile

Here are my key points from the keynote speech by Richard Anson of Revoo at the Internet Retail Expo Making Retail Social and Mobile 750m pieces of Revoo content used by consumers monthly. 18% uplift in sales on sites using Revoo. 4.8x time on site. 3.5x pages viewed per visit. 1.1x return ration within a month. […]

Mobile Glues Together Multi Channel Retailing

Here are my key points from Fraser Davidson Javelin Group and Vic Watson Mothercare – Mobile Glues Together Multi Channel Retailing. There will be more people accessing the web via mobile than desktop by 2013/14. Know your customers – different demographics. Use Analytics, product search results etc, and establish priorities 3 ways to do mobile: Platform […]

Getting The Mobile Experience Right

Here are my key points from Lee Duddell What Users Do and David Howdale Howdale Associates Getting The Mobile Experience Right Mobile UX is complex, with new and unknown journeys, and devices with multichannels and different contexts. Focus on users’ expectations. Why would you buy a fridge whilst on the bus? Mobile offers more opportunities. […]

The Ideal Way To Do The M-Web

Here are my key points from Paul Boag’s presentation The Ideal Way To Do The M-Web. This was the talk I was most looking forward to and I wasn’t disappointed. Paul started by saying that people should stop obsessing over native apps.  Apps have become the next “must have”, without stopping to think why. Mobile devices […]

Why Native Apps Are Not The Future

I’ve been thinking for a while that native apps aren’t the way forward. Before I got my iPhone 3GS in November 2009, I looked on longingly at all those people talking about apps, and downloading cool games and doing much more than I could with my phone at the time (a Blackberry Curve). When I […]

Self service checkouts

I’ll let you into a secret i do the shopping in our household. I go to our big Tesco and fill a trolley with enough food to last us a week (it would probably last most households longer, but we like our food!). I’m not showing off, or saying I’m hard done to, because I’m […]

Auto Playing Video Adverts Suck

Auto playing video adverts annoy me beyond belief. Perhaps in a bid to be efficient and to save time, I quite often open several links from a page in new tabs. This is particularly true for the news websites I read at work, like Yahoo. Perhaps I want to see the headlines and then read […]

I Heart Jeffrey Zeldman

Today, .net magazine asked on Twitter how Jeffery Zeldman had affected our lives. I immediately responded by saying that he had shown that it “wasn’t just me” and that websites could (and more importantly should) be done properly. As a website user rather than designer or developer, I’ve often moaned (mainly to my long suffering […]

Responsive Summit

Today saw the exciting and ground breaking Responsive Summit take place in London. This get together was to discuss Responsive Web Design.  Although I didn’t attend, I followed events via Twitter #responsivesummit. Share this: