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What Conferences and Events Mean to Me

Inspired by Laura Kalbag’s post explaining why she goes to conferences, what she gets out of them, and how best to share what she’s learnt, and Andy Clarke’s New Adventures And Me postI feel not only inspired, but compelled to share my thoughts. So here goes. Knowledge I do try and follow the main conferences […]

I Heart Jeffrey Zeldman

Today, .net magazine asked on Twitter how Jeffery Zeldman had affected our lives. I immediately responded by saying that he had shown that it “wasn’t just me” and that websites could (and more importantly should) be done properly. As a website user rather than designer or developer, I’ve often moaned (mainly to my long suffering […]

Concrete5 is too hard for me

After much deliberation about what platform to use for my blog, I decided on Concrete 5. I’ve used WordPress several times before, and whilst there was nothing wrong with it, I wanted to broaden my horizons and try something else. I tried Fork CMS and found it very corporate and not what I wanted at […]