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Matalan Madness

Yesterday my girlfriend, our 2 year old son, and I visited Matalan Southport. Nothing to get excited about, or write about I hear you say, and you’re right. However, aside from the long queue, and the wide range of various and disparate items placed along the queue designed to catch toddlers’ eyes and hands, and […]

Car Insurance Forms

It’s that time of year when I need to renew or change my car insurance.  What normally happens is that , after getting my renewal quote letter, I get onto one of the price comparison sites (usually, see that my renewal quote is actually cheaper than the lowest price on Confused, and let my […]

Internet Retailing Expo 2012

I just wanted to write some of my thoughts down from  Internet Retailing Expo 2012, and  to post the key points I took away from from the sessions I attended.  I was only there on the second day, so my opinions and experiences may not be true for both days. I am particularly keen on […]

Mobile Glues Together Multi Channel Retailing

Here are my key points from Fraser Davidson Javelin Group and Vic Watson Mothercare – Mobile Glues Together Multi Channel Retailing. There will be more people accessing the web via mobile than desktop by 2013/14. Know your customers – different demographics. Use Analytics, product search results etc, and establish priorities 3 ways to do mobile: Platform […]

Getting The Mobile Experience Right

Here are my key points from Lee Duddell What Users Do and David Howdale Howdale Associates Getting The Mobile Experience Right Mobile UX is complex, with new and unknown journeys, and devices with multichannels and different contexts. Focus on users’ expectations. Why would you buy a fridge whilst on the bus? Mobile offers more opportunities. […]

The Ideal Way To Do The M-Web

Here are my key points from Paul Boag’s presentation The Ideal Way To Do The M-Web. This was the talk I was most looking forward to and I wasn’t disappointed. Paul started by saying that people should stop obsessing over native apps.  Apps have become the next “must have”, without stopping to think why. Mobile devices […]

Self service checkouts

I’ll let you into a secret i do the shopping in our household. I go to our big Tesco and fill a trolley with enough food to last us a week (it would probably last most households longer, but we like our food!). I’m not showing off, or saying I’m hard done to, because I’m […]