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Matalan Madness

Yesterday my girlfriend, our 2 year old son, and I visited Matalan Southport. Nothing to get excited about, or write about I hear you say, and you’re right. However, aside from the long queue, and the wide range of various and disparate items placed along the queue designed to catch toddlers’ eyes and hands, and […]

Tim Gulson Paypal Opening Keynote Speech

Here are my key points from the keynote speech by Tim Gulson of Paypal at the Internet Retail Expo. Tim talked a lot about mobile payment and shopping unsurprisingly. In 2010 13% of people bought using mobile devices.  In 2016 this is projected to be 42%. 36% of people shopping online will actually purchase in […]

Making Retail Social and Mobile

Here are my key points from the keynote speech by Richard Anson of Revoo at the Internet Retail Expo Making Retail Social and Mobile 750m pieces of Revoo content used by consumers monthly. 18% uplift in sales on sites using Revoo. 4.8x time on site. 3.5x pages viewed per visit. 1.1x return ration within a month. […]

Responsive Summit

Today saw the exciting and ground breaking Responsive Summit take place in London. This get together was to discuss Responsive Web Design.  Although I didn’t attend, I followed events via Twitter #responsivesummit. Share this:


Thanks for stopping by, and seeing what I’m up to. I’m going to try and keep this updated as often as possible, and even if it’s just a couple of lines about something at work, something  good or bad online, my family, my guitars or something I feel strongly about, I intend to blog often! […]