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I’m a huge fan of the web, and obviously my job reflects this.  I’ve been online since 1995 ish, and have seen many changes along the way.

I spent the last 4 years as an online marketing executive, and carried out SEO and online marketing for a wide variety of clients in many industries.

As someone who has a real passion for the web, I am thoroughly embracing the current “user first” philosophy that is becoming more widespread.  It’s all well and good for designers and developers to create something that looks good, or has impressive features, but if people can’t use it, or don’t like using it, then it doesn’t serve a purpose.

I’m a big fan of Twitter, and follow some of the most amazing people in the web and design industry who never cease to amaze me with what is possible in HTML, CSS and Javascript, and also who think differently from the majority of people, and stand up for the rights of visitors and site users.

Although it will seem as though I’m jumping on the bandwagon, I’m hugely impressed with what can be done online using a mobile phone these days.  I hardly ever need to use my netbook at home, because I can do 90% of what I want or need to do, on my iPhone.  It’s rare that I will use my iPad, apart from when looking at guitar tab, or watching guitar lessons on YouTube.  Perhaps I’ll use my iPad for some purchases or browsing some sites, but the vast majority of things I do online at home, I do on my phone, and it annoys me when I can’t do it.

I think that’s an incredible achievement, and I know that I’m not alone in using my phone for everything. People far cleverer than me, and with far more knowledge about the use of mobile phones and other devices, are producing incredible stats regarding how we access the internet.


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