Disgo 7000 Tablet Review

After my surprising and unexpected success with my Samsung Android Phone, I decided to find a cheap Android tablet to use for testing purposes and to use as an ereader on the train to and from work. I’ve bought many ebooks recently and have come to the conclusion that I don’t like reading them on my iPhone.

After much research, I decided on a Disgo 7000, at just £50 from Play.com.
I thought that having tablet for a bit less than a Kindle would represent excellent value for money.

How wrong I was.

The screen is naff and even though it’s resistive not capacitive and so doesn’t support multi touch gestures, it still needs a decent press to choose options or to open apps.

Talking of apps, I wanted an ereader app, and couldn’t get one. The installed Getjar app store, which is supposed to be comparable to Google Marketplace, wouldn’t let me download anything at all.

I couldn’t use the tablet as an ereader because i couldn’t find an ereader app, and even if could, I couldn’t download it.

However, browsing the web is OK, and the speed is fine over wifi. The bad screen meant that scrolling or clicking on links was very hard work. Certainly nothing like as easy or satisfying as on my iPhone or iPad, but at around an eighth of the price, I could have lived with that.

I decided to use my iPad to do a bit of research to see whether there was an ereader on Getjar, or whether my tablet could actually download anything. I soon discovered that many people had similar problems.

When I’d done with the Disgo 7000 I turned it off. Only to discover that it wouldn’t boot when I turned it on again. Having left it on charge the night I got it,and the fact that it said “charged”, led to think that it wasn’t a battery problem.

I plugged it back into the mains for an hour or so and then it finally booted. I still couldn’t download anything. After some more digging around online, I found out thy there is absolutely no free memory at all on the device.

I don’t know enough about Android to know what I could safely delete, or how to delete things.

I fully understand that supplying a memory card would add to the cost, but it’s not the point. I inserted the SD card from the Samsung phone and tried downloading a couple of apps again. With no joy. Apparently you can’t download apps straight to an SD card either.

It was at this point on Sunday afternoon that I decided to contact Disgo support. I heard nothing back from them until Wednesday.

This means one of two things, that they are either swamped with problems from people having similar problems to me, or that they don’t care about their customers.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, I love technology and enjoy messing with gadgets. Had I given this tablet to my parents or my daughter, I’m sure that they would have had similar problems and not been as patient as me with it.

In far less time than it took for Disgo support to get back to me, Play agreed to refund for this pathetic excuse for a tablet.

In the mean time I’ve found a Arnova 7g2 tablet that although twice the price looks like it will work! Let’s see.




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